Monday, August 2, 2010

Four Generations of Family

Danny: 1 1/2 years, June 2010

Danny and Amanda came to Spokane at the end of June! There's nothing like a toddler to bring out the child in 50 something grandparents! (. . . Although I was still just 50 during the visit, thank you very much.) There was lots of going to the park, playing with the hose and general foolish behavior! We totally enjoyed this visit with our sweet Danny. During the visit my friend, Barry, took pictures of all four generations at Manito Park. It was quite the event to have all of us there that day. It was quite tiring for the grandparents, but they were happy that they went. Here are some of the results from that day!

Left to right: Amanda (19), Danny (1.5 yrs), Kevin, Carole, Doris (83), Howard (86), Sarah (25)

Kevin, Carole (g-parents!) Danny and Amanda

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