Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Northern Quest CasinoSARAH & MATT
While serving in Iraq, one of the things that my mother and Matthew promised each other was that they would go to the casino together when he got back. It turns out that Sarah and I were able to join that party, and so last night we all went to Northern Quest together. The kids and my mom had a great time as grandma gambled her $50 and then was miffed that they would not give her a "refund." We enjoyed a meal at the noodle house as well. (Yum)
It was so great for us to all be together again. What a peace and joy it is for me to know that Matthew is back well and whole. They are planning to move to Las Vegas next week to begin their lives as full time students!!!
We will be squeezing as much as we can from every moment while they are both here. It will be difficult to say goodbye again, but there is solace in the fact they are going on to bigger and better things.

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