Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wolf Lodge and Couer D' Alene with Uncle Bob & Aunt Jan

Riding in Matthew's "Benz"
Jan after Matthew's "Patron Challenge"
hmmmm. . . looks like she met it!

Big Sis & Little Bro

Matt & Uncle Bob

Matt's attempt to get Momma drunk . . . (he failed.)

It's been a pesonal challenge to my kids and my mom to get me drunk. I have never been drunk in my life and really have no desire to do so. Nevertheless, my family continues to try. After a delicious dinner at Wally's Wolf Lodge, we landed in Couer D' Alene. After my Kalua and creams, it turns out that Matthew thwarted himself by (accidently of course) spilling one of my drinks (cran/vodka) on my pristine white pants. So I made it through the night unscathed and my white pants recovered (with a little bleach) too! Even though I remained sober, Jan, however, met Matt's challenge after a couple of shots of Patrone. There was lots of conversations about family history and how blessed we are to be together now.

Another funny thing that happened was that Kevin got stopped for his cool shoes. This is funny because in now 26 years of marriage, my husband has never been stopped on the street for his fasion sense. Here are the now infamous shoes.

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