Friday, August 2, 2013

Woodland Park Zoo

I'm posting some zoo pictures today of the week I've had. A lot of the pictures I took are "behind the scenes," which I am not allowed to post. So I am putting up public area pictures along with my giraffe feeding today. After this picture, the giraffe did something like a sneeze and slimed the entire front of me. Not many people can say they've been slimed by a giraffe!

This is the giraffe that's not pregnant.
The expecting giraffe's name is "Olivia" and she is due any day!
I also had the pleasure of seeing the baby jaguars, but the glass makes photographing them difficult as there is a great deal of reflection.
You can see both the people and the cats here.
 The pictures are not great because this was the one day (of course) that I forgot my camera.
Playful Zebra.
Barn Owl.
Spectacle Owl.
Grey Wolf. These wolves can actually be several different colors. They used to range over most of the US, but now are only in the northern most latitudes of the states and in Canada. Their reappearance has been extremely controversial in Washington State.
One of the lion cubs. Sleeping. Of course. . . it's a cat after all.
Momma Lioness.  (Nayla) 7 years old.

It's been a wonderful week at the zoo. My class was "Engaging Communities in Conservation" and I have learned a great deal! We were blessed to have a small class, so we got to know one another so much better than some of the other classes we've had. It's so amazing doing work that I love so much!

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