Sunday, August 4, 2013


I love to go to Seattle. The weather there is so invigorating to me as I am not very heat tolerant. We went on several neighborhood walks during my visit. One of them was on the waterfront in Wallingford. This was a view of downtown from that walk.

I have a little fascination with houseboats. The thought of living very simply in a small space appeals to me very much. Maybe it's because of all of my current responsibilities with two houses and all.
I've always loved red dwellings. They make me smile.
We did a lovely activity this week that was called "A sense of Place." We were to write descriptors while thinking of a very special place we felt we belonged to. I grew up in San Diego near the ocean, so that's what I wrote about (more about that in another post.) Anyway. . . on our walk I saw this pampus grass. I remember in our home in La Mesa (suburb of SD) that we had this grass growing behind our house where there was a canyon. It made me think of La Mesa.
I haven't been back for decades.
Another favorite: Craftsman style architecture

The porch of the house where I stayed. I spent several house leisurely reading my current fun book. . . "Wild" . . . about a young woman who hikes the Pacific Coast Trail by herself, with no previous hiking experience.
I shared my time with two Mexican Hairless dogs. One named Pixel (because he is black with speckles of pink) and one named Zaden (a video game character???). I call them my rubber dogs because that's what they feel like when you pet them. I regret not getting their pictures.
Another view. Pretty.
Quite a grand house.
Raccoon Statue in the backyard.
 Thank you to my hosts, whom I do not know because my friend was housesitting.

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