Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Blog: Daily Musings

I've decided I need somewhere to write daily, even though I may not have pictures to accompany my writing. My desire is to have a daily entry with interesting photos, but realize that this will be a process for me. Today I want to commit to documenting the big things and small things in my life. I often wonder about my ancestors daily doings and thoughts. Having access to their lives would only add to my own, and so, I hope to share my life with anyone else who may be interested. (Hopefully Daniel and future others!)

So today is a pretty routine day. Up and showered, dishes and laundry, showering mom (Doris) and taking dad (Howard) for a cancer recheck at the doctor. Somewhere in there is breakfast and lunch. Then it's off to work this afternoon for a bit of teaching. That's life ~ (for me @ least)!


  1. Looking forward to keeping up with you this way! Make sure you link it to FB because otherwise - I never read blogs :) Have a great day, Carole.

  2. Nice idea for a daily blog-journal. Danny (DJ) is doing fine... he is helping me around the house while I am off from school!

  3. Thanks Jim. I feel blessed that DJ has such loving, sweet family around him. I love any updates that you can send my way!!!