Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Zoo Pictures

Poor tired bear. Don't you feel sorry for him?

This beautiful African Elepant is an elderly female whose left tusk just fell out one day. The keepers say she has not suffered any ill effects and they have no explanation for the loss.

Colobus Monkey

How are Flamingos like Whales? Both flamingos and baleen whales are filter feeders. Flamingos use their tongue to pump water into their math, then squirt it out past rows of spines and ridges. This filter traps the food inside their bill.

This flamingo was building her mud nest to prepare to lay her eggs. It's a very laborious process!

Beautiful Jaguar.

It was such a great week at the zoo and I look forward to returning soon!

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  1. I love elephants. That poor old gal has a huge notch out of her right ear. I wonder how that happened. That jaguar looks like it wants to eat me. Bad kitty.