Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zoo Day Two


Here are a few of my favorites from today

This orangatan was particularly engaged with the visitors. "Orangatan" means people of the land. Their habitat is disappearing for the development of Palm Oil Farming. Conservationists are working on making "corridors" between primary forests (never disturbed) and secondary forests (recovering) to avoid populations being isolated and therefore causing issues with interbreeding and lack of acreage needed for each animal.
He looked right into my eyes for several minutes. I do wonder how they are processing these "visits" from people.

Who says we are the only ones with opposible thumbs? His hands fascinated me. It seemed he held them in certain poses throughout the day.

Reticulated Pattern on Giraffe

Sleeping Lioness

Tapir: a member of the undulate(hooved stock) family (which includes animals like antelope). There are even toed undulates and odd toed undultes, which are less common.

The Tapir is an odd toed undulate like the pig or a horse.

The foot of a Komodo Dragon. I thought it looked very prehistoric.


Overall we had a wonderful day observing, studying and learning about Inquiry in a zoo setting. I am learning so much and can't wait until I can implement some of these things in the classroom. One thing I learned about this morning was something called community mapping. I challenge you to look it up. It's a pretty cool thing that people are more involved with now that we have technology like Google mapping!

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